Eyeball Art And Jewelry Making

I got to know the art of eyes when I traveled in Nepal. The Buddha Eyes stood high on the monkey temple, as if they were over looking the whole city of Kathmandu and the people of Nepal. Then in the tourist area, I found that a lot of shop selling products with Buddha eyes, calenders, notebook, Nepali carpets, and mostly T-shirts. 

The Buddha eyes are the symbol of wisdom, the unity of all the things to reach the enlightenment through Buddha’s teaching. Between the eyes there is a curly symbol like a question mark on the nose and a small third eye on the forehead. The pattern is  the same everywhere. Maybe it is because they are concerned with the national image and Budddha religion. 

Now there is a trend inspired by the traditional eye art. People use it more boldly to create magnificent and impressive art works, such as eye painting, eyeball poster, sculptures, etc. 

Searching the Internet, it is not hard to find some eye-catching pictures about eyeball art



Some are fun, some creepy, some surprisingly beautiful. Various styles under the theme of eye ball are emerging. 

In Dallas, a giant eyeball sculpture was built by Tonny Tasset. 


The bold design have attracted people’s attention greatly, and meanwhile brought the art of eyes to a new field.

As a big fan of jewelry, I absolutely keep an eye on the jewelry of the eye art theme. Here are some  awesome piece of jewelries.




Link: http://www.bridgat.com/wholesale-ancient-alloy-eye-connected-strap-bracelet.html

Yet there are also punk and metal styles. 



Inspiration comes from everything in life. An eye ball theme generates a wide rage of art works. Maybe we should focus on small things and grow them into bigger and stronger. That is one of ways we create.


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