3 things to be considered Before Opening Your Own Antique Shop

For those who love the excitement of discovering treasures and want the freedom and financial rewards of having your own retail business, opening an antique shop is the perfect choice. When you open an antique shop, you have the freedom to make your own choices and express your own creative spirit. You can focus your antiques business on what you are most passionate about. Here are 3 things to be considered before opening your own antique shop.


1. Decide what you want to sell. For example, you might choose to sell antique furniture, antique jewelry, movie or music memorabilia, native handiwork, antique toys, or any other types of antiques and collectible. In addition, you also have to detect what your customers want. Generally speaking, antique shoppers are savvier than your everyday bargain hunter. You won’t find a random person out hunting for 1930s art deco lamps, or a fender for a turn of the century Schwinn bicycle. Your store inventory needs to be just as specific as their tastes.

2. Decide a place to start up your business. One way to get your feet wet in the antiques and collectibles business is to set up a booth at a local antiques fair or festival. For a nominal fee, this will allow you to test buyers’ response to your inventory. Selling online is another way to start up your business without the expense of leasing or purchasing a permanent space. It would also allow you to keep your “day job.” Lori Bowles, a professional nurse turned power eBay seller, recommends online selling as a great place to learn and to make some extra money.

Another way to get into the antiques business would be to rent a space in an antique mall or small consignment-type shop where there are several sellers under one roof. The benefit to this situation is that since it’s not your roof, you can come and go at your convenience as long as your space is ready. Being part of a mall can be a smart introduction to retail sales. “It gives you an opportunity to make contacts and to see what works without being wholly accountable,” says Deirdre Queen, who recently left her Ft. Lauderdale storefront for a space at the Hillsboro Antique Mall. The move has afforded Queen and her partner more time to find and fix items for their booth as well as an occasional day off. The downside is that a mall tenant usually doesn’t have the freedom to sell direct from her space, to advertise certain markdown specials or to set the mood with light, refreshments and music.

1A prayer wheels and buddhist statues at street vendor Boudhanath Kathmandu Nepal

3.  Where to get your supplies at a comparatively low price.  Searching on the internet I got the top 5 places to get antiques below market value that can be profitable to resale.

Flea Markets

Yard Sales

Thrift Stores

Estate Sales


Another good way to get the goods is order wholesale online, especially from specific countries. For example, Nepal is famous for its handicrafts and local exotic retro accessories. You can find ways to contact dealers there to import some goods at very low cost ( due to the currency exchange and economic status ). China is the world super market where you can get goods at wholesale prices. Nowadays, the online wholesale industry in China is thriving, and you can have a lot options. The goods are mainly from the Yiwu International Market. http://www.bridgat.com is highly recommanded for its various retro style accessories from China and Southeast Asian countries.  Other Chinese wholesalers can be easily found online and the best ones are listed as trusted sources at the Federal International Trade Association’s website.

1A prayer wheels and buddhist statues at street vendor Boudhanath Kathmandu Nepal




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